Our Team

We are volunteers promoting responsible pet ownership by teaching a 6-week class (one day a week) to 4th graders. We can provide 60 or 45-minute lessons. Our lessons align nicely with the Wake County Public School System’s science and social studies curriculum (see PDF). We involve students actively in each lesson and are developing future leaders to teach others!


We believe the problems of pet overpopulation in Wake County must be resolved by all of us working together. For that reason, we are working closely with the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) to increase adoptions from the center, to promote spay/neuter programs, and endorse microchipping and registration of adopted animals.


Most importantly, we believe that kids “R” the key to improving the situation of many animals in our community. When children learn to REFLECT upon the condition of animals, to RESPOND to their needs, and to RESPECT animals, they will see the great REWARDS of pet ownership.


Our steering committee members are Judy Austin, Gail Coles, Jennifer Federico, Dawn Friedel, Linda Pattison (Chair), and Aileen Randall. Three of us are retired teachers; Dr. Federico is a licensed DVM and Director of the Wake County Animal Center. All of us are advocates for animals. Among us, we are caregivers for a plethora of critters.

Image (from left to right): Jenn,  Gail, Aileen, Judy, Dawn, and Linda

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